COVID-19 Protocol

Ensuring a safe, clean and inviting environment is the core of our commitment to providing the highest level of hospitality.

1. CHECK-IN: 15.00 & CHECK-OUT: 11.00


2. For your greater safety during the CHECK-IN process, we have placed a special plexiglass shield on the reception desk while safety distances for those waiting in line are indicated by respective floor stickers. We also suggest that you have your travel documents ready in order to minimize the check-in process. For optimum safety, we recommend our brand-new remote CHECK-IN app which is available for our guests to scan using the QR code located on the reception desk.


3. CHECK-OUT must be carried out strictly at 11:00 AM. so that there is sufficient time for the meticulous cleaning and disinfection of the room.


4. All electronic room keys are disinfected using a special disinfection device.


5. The hotel keeps records of personal data of guests for tracking purposes in line with the NPHO (National Public Health Organization).


6. All rooms are disinfected with NOM (National Organization for Medicines) approved products and are sterilized using a special dry steam device at 180°C.


7. The reception personnel may – if necessary- take temperature of guests during the check-in process.


8. Breakfast is served buffet-style daily between 06:45 and 10:30. Food is served behind a special plexiglass shield by our trained staff so that customers do not come in contact with the utensils. Same goes with the dinner buffet which -when available- is operating between 19:30 and 21:30.


9. During peak times (i.e. weekends and days with high occupancy) there may be 2 “morning zones” (1st zone 06:45 – 09:30 and 2nd zone 09:30 – 10:30). In effect, hotel guests may be able to declare their “breakfast zone” of their preference.


10. Daily room cleaning and linen change have been significantly reduced so to avoid frequent contact of staff with guests and -consequently- to ensure maximum health protection for all. Guests may -of course- have daily housekeeping service upon request to the reception or the chamber maid.


11. Hotel staff use all necessary PPE (personal protective equipment).


12. All hotel employees have been trained according to the prescribed health protocols while the hotel has received the certification “HEALTH FIRST” by the HCH (Hellenic Chamber of Hotels).


13. Golden Star uses professional laundry equipment programmed to sterilize at a temperature of 70°C all linen washed inside the hotel premises.


14. The rest of the linen is washed and sterilized outside the hotel premises in collaboration with an outsource company which complies with all the prescribed hygiene & safety protocols.


15. Some of the hotel services may be limited or disrupted due to COVID-19.


16. Hotel guests may use the gym only with an appointment booked at the reception.


17. The hotel offers hand sanitizer stations near all entrances and exits on the ground floor. In addition, guests may find in their rooms -upon arrival- antiseptic lotions with NOM (National Organization for Medicines) approval.


18. All common areas are meticulously disinfected at regular intervals by our trained staff while all products are approved by the NOM (National Organization for Medicines) with a certificate of suitability for the protection against COVID-19.


19. The beach area has been completely remodeled with new safety distances according to the new guidelines set by the NPHO (National Public Health Organization. All sunbeds are thoroughly disinfected by our trained staff before each use.


20. The total number of available sunbeds has been reduced due to the latest hygiene and safety measures in line with NPHO. Thus, there may be 2 «time zones» for our beach equipment which is free of charge for all in-house guests (a’ zone 09:30 – 14:30 και b’ zone 14:30 – 19:30). For further information and reservations, please contact a member of the staff.


21. The SPA area (sauna and jacuzzi) as well as all massage treatments are currently not available due to hygiene and safety reasons.


22. Guests must inform our staff immediately in case they feel unwell so that they can be given appropriate medical care. The hotel collaborates with a with a private doctor who may come and visit guests in their rooms with a surcharge of € 50.


23. Guests are kindly asked to follow the aforementioned rules and to comply with any recommendations by our staff members.


We make every effort in this very difficult time to protect and shield the health of our staff and guests by offering a completely safe and relaxing stay.
The management and staff of the hotel wish you a lovely stay!

Golden StarCOVID-19 Protocol: Learn about our commitment to cleanliness and hygiene.