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Within a few minutes drive from Golden Star City Resort you will be amazed by numerous same-day, lovely, short, unforgettable excursions.


Peraia, where Golden Star City Resort is situated, has changed a lot since 1923 when the first residents (refugees from Asia Minor and Thrace) settled. It has changed from a small refugee town into a beautiful small city with the features of a tourism destination for everyone. It is one of the most rapidly developing suburbs of Thessaloniki. It is a place for visitors who want to enjoy crystal clear blue waters, golden sands, dreamy sunsets, fresh fish, traditional dishes and ouzo appetizers with the local tsipouro drink, literally on the beach with a view of the Thermaikos Gulf and the city of Thessaloniki.
The traditional stroll or a ride along the beach will also be a unique experience. This 7.5 km long sandy beach is a point of attraction for more and more visitors all the time which has been awarded with blue flags and has lifeguard cover.


Aggelochori is built on cape Megalo Emvolo, which is also known as Kara - Bournou. Fortifications dating to the last period of Ottoman rule (1883 - 1885) have survived (barracks) in a very good condition on the north side of Megalo Emvolo. Aggelochori’s lighthouse has stood impressively as a symbol of hope and light for seafarers since 1864, at the tip of the cape and 33 meters above sea level.

It is an ideal destination for nature lovers both for its natural beauty as well as in excess of 178 species of rare birds and even flamingos that find refuge at Aggelochori Lagoon, while the imposing white salt hills (Salt marshes) dominate a few meters away from the wetlands.
Aggelochori Beach is only 9 km from Golden Star City Resort and is an oasis for relaxing in crystal clear and refreshing waters with an exquisite view of the city of Thessaloniki and the imposing Mount Olympus massif. After going in for a swim, a visit to the lighthouse with the spectacular sunset and the fortifications is an unforgettable experience. 

Aggelochori is included in the Natura 2000 (it is the largest coordinated network of protected areas in the world. It offers a haven to Europe's most valuable and threatened species and habitats).

Tip To Do Visit the lagoon with the rare birds, the salt marshes, the lighthouse and the beaches. Also ask for the KiteSurfing Academy.


Michaniona is constructed on one of the most panoramic locations in the Thermaikos Gulf, in the ancient Aenea region, it boasts natural resources of particular environmental value in addition to the multitude of archaeological discoveries.

Michaniona is known for the largest medium sized fishing fleet in Greece (the establishment of the fish market in 1998 made it the administration and marketing centre for fish and shellfish throughout Northern Greece) together with the Merchant Marine Academy (since 1968) that produces highly trained officers for Greek and foreign Shipping.

It is a multifaceted village waiting to reveal its different aspects to every type of visitor. It reveals a veritable paradise to the nature lover with rare flora and fauna. For the lovers of antiquities there are discoveries dating to the Roman and early Christian times (a trapezoid shaped mound known as Toumba Tambia or Koum Kale, Roman and early Christian period cemeteries and naval fortifications). For pilgrims there is one of the most imposing churches, the Church of Panagia Faneromeni, where the icon of the same name has survived from the Iconoclast Period, as well as the picturesque chapel dedicated to Agios Nikolaos and the patron saint of sailors at the small port at Michaniona.

For beach lovers there are moments for relaxing carefree in an environment of exquisite beauty in the crystal clear waters of Toumparli beach at cape Touzla.
Just 10 km from Golden Star City Resort, between Michaniona and Aggelochori, Touzla Beach literally possesses the beauty of an island in the Aegean Sea. It has a fine golden sandy beach, cooling waters and a view of the ships sailing in and out of Thermaikos Gulf. It is a full regulated beach with beach volley ball courts and beach bars operating during the day.

In Michaniona on August 23rd, the festival day of "Panagia Faneromeni" welcomes pilgrims from all over Greece and a major festival is held that lasts for a week.

Tip To Do Visit the archaelogical sites, explore the flora and fauna and the beaches.


Epanomi in Homer is mentioned as Gigonis Akra and has been continuously inhabited since the Neolithic Period. It was one of the major towns during Byzantine times as well as the Ottoman period of occupation with an administrative organization and a thriving economy. The vast majority of its residents are indigenous. Excavations have revealed important archaeological discoveries from all historical periods.

Beaches stretch along kilometers with incomparable beauty and can justly be considered to be the most beautiful in the Municipality. They boast crystal clear waters, golden sands, lush green surroundings and magnificent view of the endless blue yonder set against the peaks of Mount Olympos (the mountain of the Gods).

Potamos beach, Palioura beach, Fanari beach (Myti), Ageladariko beach, Epanomi Beach and Mesimeri Beach are amongst the most popular beaches. Regulated with life guard cover and awarded with a blue flag.

• Potamos beach boasts crystal clear waters, a fine grain sandy beach, beach volley ball and tennis facilities and beach bars along its entire length. Its most impressive point is the wreckage from a ship that sunk forty (40) years ago, whose smoke stacks are still visible and it is known as the shipwreck.

• Palioura Beach is also another excellent choice. This sandy beach with crystal clear waters is planted with pine trees and organized with beach bars that open from morning until late at night and provide entertainment to the young people who flock daily.

• Myti at Epanomi or Fanari Beach is a unique location and amongst the most beautiful beaches in Greece. It flirts with both sides of the bay; one towards Thessaloniki and the other towards Chalkidiki, the tip magically disappears into the sea. It boasts bright blue waters, an endless golden sandy beach and a deep blue sea that stretches into the distant horizon. This Beach is only accessible by a 4x4 vehicle or on foot (about a half kilometre walk).

At “Tsairi”, 4 km to the south of Epanomi, is an oasis of natural beauty, the Epanomi wetlands habitat, which has been also included in the Natura 2000 (network of protected regions). Thousands of nature lovers flock there every weekend to see the flora and fauna up close and to also enjoy a natural environment of rare beauty.

Tip To Do Visit the archaelogical sites, expore the wetlands and no matter which beach you choose, you will certainly be impressed with its incomparable beauty.

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