Yahudi Hamami

In the Turkish records, the baths are known under a variety of names: the Baths of the Great Market (Pazari kebir hamami), the Women’s Baths (Kadinlar hamami) and the Jewish Baths (Yahudi hamami). The latter, and best known, name is owed to the location of the baths in an exclusively Jewish district. According to Evligia Tselemi and the Turkish archives, the baths were established by a certain Halil Ağa, possibly the individual known to have been a large stable owner and vezir in the mid 17th century. More recent opinion, based on the typological and morpho logical characteristics of the building, would date it earlier, perhaps to the first half of the 16th century. The baths were designed for use by both sexes and have the typical triple layout (cold, warm and hot baths). The masonry is of interest in its imitation of the Byzantine cloisonné system, as is the internal decoration with plaster mortar.

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