Teloglion Foundation

Ag. Dimitriou 159Α, 54636
T +30 2310 247 111, +30 2310 991 613
F +30 2310 991 610
Mo, Tu, Th, Fr 09.00—14.00
We 09.00—21.00
Sa—Su 10.00—18.00
1.5 € 2.5 € 5.00 €

Teloglion Foundation, since its establishment in 1972, thanks to the donation of Nestor and Aliki Telloglou, is not only a museum, but a place where multiple cultural events take place. The main Collection consists of paintings, sculptures and engraving works of famous Greek and European artists of the 19th-20th century, and important artworks related to different cultures. The Foundation’s organizes important educational programs on an annual basis.

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