Macedonian Museum Of Contemporary Art

Egnatia 154, 54636
T +30 2310 240 002
F +30 2310 281 567
Tu, Fr 10.00—18.00
We 10.00—22.00
Fr 10.00—19.00
Sa 10.00—18.00
Su 11.00—15.00
4.00 € 2.00 € 3.00 €

The MMCA is a citizens’ initiative, unique in the history of the Greek contemporary arts field. Since the Museum was founded (1O78), its Collection, is constantly enriched through new donations by artists and significant collectors, such as Alexandros Iolas, Franz Geierhaas, Magda Kotzia, Alexandros Xydis and Dimitris Meimaroglou. The Museum’s specially designed educational programs make a significant contribution to initiating children into the world of contemporary art.

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