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Smoke-Free policy

Smoke-Free policy - What is?
All of us at Golden Star City Resort believe that there is nothing more refreshing than the fresh sea breeze that fills us up with joy and positivity throughout the day. So we invite you to indulge yourselves in the miraculous sea breeze that promises to give you the necessary positive energy for a better way of life! With respect to families travelling with young children and to all of you choosing a healthy lifestyle, we are delighted to inform you that from the beginning of 2017 our hotel is now "smoke-free" with all the rooms and suites feauturing smoke detectors.

Policy implementation
We tend to advertise our policy by all means possible. Our valued guests are being informed of this policy prior to their booking and also with their booking confirmation. We also remind our guests at the time of check-in about our “smoke-free” policy. Our policy is built on quality management processes of Golden Star City resort and is constantly checked by our staff and management.

And what about smokers?
It is always a pleasure to have smokers staying at Golden Star City Resort as long as they respect our smoke-free policy. In turn, we respect their needs by allowing smoking in all balconies (4.70m2) and terraces (30.30m2 - 54m2) as well as on our private beach and of course outdoors. Please note that there is a 150 € room recovery fee for guests who do not comply in order to cover the extensive cost of restoring guest rooms to a smoke-free condition.

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