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Gluten Free Diet

Whether you have Celiac or just want to avoid wheat, barley or other ingredients which contain gluten - we offer gluten free food on our à la carte menu available online at: http://www.goldenstarhotel.com/en/hotel/bar-restaurant

Celiac disease or gluten enteropathy, is a chronic disease of the small intestine caused by the toxic effects of gluten, a protein contained in wheat, barley, rye and oats, in genetically predisposed individuals. To these people, gluten triggers immune mechanisms which will ultimately result in the damage (atrophy) of the small intestinal mucosa, thereby affecting the normal absorption of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Therefore, celiac disease is considered as an autoimmune disease.

Celiac disease is more common nowadays than in the past. It is estimated that in the USA and Europe the incidence is 1 in 100-200 people. However, the majority of them remain undiagnosed. Celiac disease is more common among first degree relatives of patients (10%), as well as in individuals with other autoimmune diseases such as diabetes mellitus type 1 , autoimmune thyroiditis, psoriasis, dermatitis herpetiformis, autoimmune hepatitis, and in individuals with some syndromes such as Down syndrome, Turner syndrome, Williams syndrome.

The only treatment for celiac disease is a lifelong, strict gluten-free diet that is avoid foods containing wheat, barley, rye and oats. Prohibited products are foods containing flour (bread, rusks, pies, pizzas, biscuits, pastries, cakes, etc.), pasta, deli meat, canned food, mayonnaise, mustard, sauces, creamy cheese, some beverages, beer, etc. There is a wide variety of naturally gluten-free products such as fresh meat, poultry, game and fish, milk and its products (yoghurt, feta cheese, cheese), all fresh vegetables, pulses, rice, corn, fresh fruits, oil. These foods contain valuable nutrients for the diet of people with celiac disease as long as the preparation is done at home. When it is a pre-prepared or processed food, the possibility that gluten is included in the processing is large. For this reason special attention should be always paid when consuming these foods. Moreover it is not safe to consume food stuff where it is indicated that wheat is not contained because they may contain gluten from other grains (barley, rye, oats). Also, some medicine may contain gluten as an excipient. Indicating on the label that the product is gluten-free, is the only way to ensure the patient.

Source: www.actionforceliac.eu


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